Mortuary Cult

Oct. 12, 2017


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The Pitch:  Polish old school and blackened death metal from Via Nocturne's Incarnal. FFO: Entombed, Wombbath, Bloodbath

What I Like: I'm a sucker for good old school DM.  An album like Mortuary Cult brings an infectious energy to the table with it's primal D-beats, blasts, and Entombed distortion.  These guys crank out some serious jams right from the beginning with catchy guitar hooks and oppressive vocals to get your motor running.  But there are also a few surprises in store.  The monk-like choir on "Wolves of the God" caught me off guard, and helped to solidify the fact that Incarnal is perhaps more than just your average OSDM band.  The overall doomier approach to this track, along with the Spanish guitar outro, also adds useful dynamics to the record as a whole and keeps the pace from stagnating.  "Under the Sign of Fire" follows suit with its epic synthesizer strings to offset the raging chord progressions and ferociously pounding drums.

Critiques: Is there room for improvement?  Sure.  But I think that Incarnal have more than passed the "did they accomplish what they set out to do" test.

The Verdict: Incarnal bring a little of everything to the table.  Fans of pure OSDM will appreciate the band's relentless riffage and harsh presentation, but those looking for a little more will find solace in the moments of creative departure.  All of this adds up to Mortuary Cult being an album greater than the sum of its parts.  Listen and purchase below right now.

Flight's Fav's: Behold The King Of Mortuary Cult, Night On Bald Mountain, Cold as the Dead Man's Skin

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