More than Just Brutal

Sept. 2, 2015


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Originally sounding comparable to say Barnes-era CANNIBAL CORPSE or the powerful style of death metal propagated by the German overlords OBSCENITY in the '90s, PROFANITY have since wonderfully evolved, turning more technical, flashy and coining their own style. Every song on this EP is raging with intensity, booming with power but there's an element of surprise where the band just takes off into a different uncharted territory and having your jaw drop to the floor.

Their latest EP Hatred Hell Within can be called old school death metal, technical death metal, brutal death metal, whichever sub-style you prefer, and you'll still be right. PROFANITY are taking a serious effort to get noticed and are refusing to be outmoded. They're bringing their inherent old school might with them and knocking over the weak-sounding gimmick-ridden bands of today out of contention. A band with so many tricks under their sleeve deserve to be heard, and all this while remaining true to their roots. Immensely powerful, chock-a-block with colorful variations, and still remaining more brutal and active than your local band, PROFANITY are here to stay. And conquer.

I concur. Some of these label guys really know how to make a pitch. Even for just 3 songs. All that stuff about surprises could not be more accurate. As "Melting" begins, this seems like your typical death metal. But the instrumentation here was plenty good enough to catch my initial interest. the first curveball around 1:30 as melodic tendencies join with the technical. The synth outro is another welcome addition. The union with the spacy guitar solo is a blissful break in the storm. Hey, the track even closes with rain sounds.

But talk about ups and downs. The pace picks right back up on "I Am Your Soul" with relentless chug, meaty bass, and dizzying sweeps. Returning to the playing abilities piece, there is a great sense of timing in the maniacal drumming. These are all techniques we have heard before, but presented far less predictably. I was always caught off guard by the directions the compositions take. So it's not only proficient, but also a bit disorienting. The subtle inclusions take things a step further as well, like the bells on the title track.

So if you like death metal, or just crave all things technical, you should check out this EP today. $4.99 on bandcamp.