Moldy In A Good Way

Feb. 2, 2017


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The Pitch: Canadian blackened death metal duo with a love for classic Finnish DM.

What I Like: The very first thing that struck me about Tomb Mold is the guitar tone.  While there is still an old school vibe coursing through this album, the band focuses less attention on H-2 walls of distortion and more on a jangly black metal tremolo tone.  The vocals are also blackened with their cavernous reverb, though the delivery is still plenty brutal.  The crusty pace changes are delightful and in general there is plenty of energy to go around in this very live-sounding recording.  Dat' spooky outro hook...

What I Don't Like: They're not the first do this sound, nor will they be the last.  I am more interested every day to see who finds the means to stand out from the herd and what they do to achieve that status.

The Verdict: Another tomb-stomping frolic through the graveyard that, thanks to the earworm guitar sound and intense vocals, really caught my attention even if they aren't leaps and bounds ahead of the competetion yet.

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