Mind Mold

April 27, 2017


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The Pitch: Sentient Ruin presents the debut album from Canadian death, doom, and sludge group Mind Mold (featuring members of Wake and Seminary)..  FFO Primitive Man, Northless, Indian, Escape is not Freedom

What I Like: This album is drowned in a depressive atmosphere, but like your averaage person, buries the sorrow deep down beneath a boiling rage.  Most people are more comfortable expressing anger than sadness, and I feel like Mind Mold does an amazing job putting this idea to music.  It hits a similar dissociatiative feeling as Primitive Man's Scorn, but with vast emptiness between howls replaced with more of a drfiting melancholy.  The vocals tear forth as if from some humanoid, caged beast screaming between the bars.  And while the riffs have an echoing, grooving sludginess and post-metal tinge to them, it belies just how technical they can be.  If you really key into the guitars and drums, their off-kilter, clamourous predisposition for vicious noise can at times be compared to Ulcerate.  This element lends itself to a bit of a cosmic vibe, as if the aforementioned cage is floating through some endless wormhole.

What I Don't Like: For the most part, I'd say just keep doing what you're doing.  With a start like this who knows where you'll step up your game to in the future.

The Verdict: An album that is plenty bloodthirsty, but also carries an enormous weight just beneath the surface.  One that will drag you down, inch by inch, until you deal with the underlying baggage.  Get it Friday.

Flight's Fav's: Whimpering Plague, Antipath, Nyx