April 13, 2018


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The Pitch: Tasty grindcore from France's Whoresnation via Throatruiner Records. "With their technical yet-always crushing riffing, blast-beats galore and brutal, guttural barks, the band's no-frills, savage grindcore always finds the perfect balance between death metal precision and punk urgency." FFO: Gadget, Implore, Rotten Sound

What I Like: Mephitism is defined as a poisonous air or foul smell (also sometimes more specifically carbon dioxide poisoning). I'd say that sets a fitting tone for this toxic, noxious record. Whoresnation maintains the high standard being set for the current European hardcore and grind scene with 20 tracks in 20 minutes of consistently enjoyable and highly aggressive music. This album is just the right length with no duds and plenty of speed. The band makes the most of every second with battering blastbeats, razor-sharp riffs, and deadly death growls.

Critiques: There's not really anything here that you can't find in any number of other grind and powerviolence bands. I would have a hard time picking them out of a lineup.

The Verdict: Mephitism may not be the most original album to hit the scene, but if you just want some fast and dirty grind done right, you should definitely get down with Whoresnation. No question.

Flight's Fav's: Malfunction, Mephitic, Expiration in Rot

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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