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May 5, 2016


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Godless is a new band out of Hyderabad, India. Featuring members of Skrypt, Shock Therapy, and Eccentric Pendulum; these guys clearly have experience with the death metal genre.  The debut album, Centuries of Decadence, is mixed and mastered by Joe Haley of Psycroptic, who also does a guest solo.  The group is already garnering some attention with an article and exclusive track from Rolling Stone India HERE.  If you want the front row ticket to a young and promising band's rise, now is your chance.

"Infest" wastes little time in letting us know what Godless are all about.  Infectious hooks take hold like the embrace of an old friend.  The distortion is warm and inviting, the groove strangely comforting.  This is not the most extreme group you will hear today, but it may be the tightest.  Compositions are kept simple, but never boring; seeming to follow the formula of groups like Lamb of God and The Haunted.  These fine-tuned performances are ripe for another future addition of "Bands Poised for the Mainstream."  There is plenty here to appeal to a broader audience.

But metalcore these guys are certainly not.  The vocals are grounded very much in death metal, and the aforementioned grooves maintain a darker aesthetic than your more radio-friendly scene.  The delivery of these growls helps to further puncuate each snare hit and emphasize every hook.  Which brings me once more to the point that each of these musicians really work as a team to create songs that feel honed to perfection.  Is there still room for growth?  Certainly, but with the strong foundation on display here, it won't be long before Godless have a top charting record.

Centuries of Decadence is the sound of a band on the rise, indeed.  Perhaps it is finally India's time to truly shine in a brighter spotlight within the metal community.  This is a band with the passion and know-how to really stir things up.  If these 4 songs are any indication of what is to come, then you owe it to yourself to set aside the next 20 minutes for a head-bobbing good time.  Pick them up from Transcending Obscurity either via bandcamp below or their store.  Remember, this is what you came here for: helping the little guy go from David to Goliath.  Full release is this Sunday, 5/7.