Mapping The Sonic Terrain

Jan. 18, 2017


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The Pitch:  Largely self-produced album from Boston/Austin instrumental progressive metal act.  FFO Animals as Leaders, Mendel

What I Like: Gorgeous.  You've got plenty of that djent heaviness to get you headibanging, but Chronologist is much more than that.  They craft intricate fabrics of sound via a variety of techniques and genres.  The tapping, harmonics, and use of effects pedals are all masterfully meshed by a band that is clearly wise beyond its years.  There are groups out there that take many releases over decades to elevate themselves to this level of both songwriting and performance skill.  It grooves, it moves, and ultimately evokes only the best sonic palate of emotional content.

What I Don't Like: Other than considering that there are some similar groups out there, there is nothing I dislike.

The Verdict: Stunning, nearly flawless album delivered by an extremely talented band that warrant your time and attention.  Buy it HERE.

Flight's Fav's: Cake Batter, Bazooka, Pioneer