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Feb. 13, 2018


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The Pitch: Nuclear War Now! is honored to present this new edition of Wrest's (Leviathan) Lurker of Chalice debut, which will include the bonus track featured on previous vinyl editions of the album.

What I Like: It's interesting how in retrospect, the self titled Lurker of Chalice debut connects so deeply with the most recent Leviathan album. Clearly, the looming atmosphere that inspired the project has impacted Wrest's process, leading to albums that are more ecclectic, droning, and experimental. This is perhaps even more pronounced for a novice like myself, who must admit this is his first time listening to the record. In fact, when I first queued it up, I had no idea it was originally released in 2005. Lurker of Chalice sounds as if it could have been recorded last year as an extension of the directions taken by Scar Sighted rather than the other way around.

While this release focuses more on droning ambience and atmosphere than the heavier black metal moments, all of the hallmarks are there: doomy, ominous guitars, haunting synths, chilling audio samples, drifting, open-ended songwriting, and terribly off-putting, garbled vocals. It is constantly walking the line between peaceful meditation and journey to hell.  In this way, Wrest's music continues to prove its timelessness; each of his works existing somewhere outside of our linear understanding. To quote the log lady, "Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river."

Critiques: Personally, I don't have any real complaints with this album. But if you're a black mlack metal fan who seeks out only aggressive odes to violence, Satan, and the like, you may find yourself dissapointed. You'll need a much more open mindset to take this one in.

The Verdict: Lurker of Chalice is a stunning voyage that will reward the patient listener. Unpredictable, and brimming with raw emotion, it is just as relevant now to new listeners as I assume it was over a decade ago when it was first released. While many reissues are little more than dated nostalgia, Lurker of Chalice perfecty connects past, present, and future. Order the DLP edition HERE.

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-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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