Lunar Ascension

Jan. 22, 2019


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The Pitch: The return of Polish solo black metal project Ars Magna Umbrae, this time wtih the support of I, Voidhanger Records. FFO: Deathspell Omega, Outre, Nightbringer

What I Like: Ars Magna Umbrae's 2017 effort Into The Inescapable Madness seemed like an obvious harbinger of great things to come, and Lunar Ascension serves as some serious vindication of that foresight. From the powerful tribal drumming to the Deathspell-inspired black metal guitars, "Through Thorns And Bones" sets the tone for a towering inferno of an album. These riffs are ablaze with ominous, destructive power. Tracks like "Daughter Of Endless Light" sound as if they are literally burning down my speakiers. Ever heard of a "fire devil?" It's a real-life vortex of tornado-like fire. That's what I picture listening to much of Lunar Ascension. Ars Magna Umbrae is wise to include some slower, plodding moments as with the title track to benefit the overall flow and dynamics, but we're never far from the next eruption of this scorching cyclone.

Critiques: The latter half of the album is a little too morose and doomy for my taste. It’s good to avoid being full tilt all of the time, but I could do with the ratio shifting just a little more in favor of speed .

The Verdict: Lunar Ascension ignites like a terrible wildfire and leaves suffocating plumes of smoke wherever it goes. I would prefer more of this to the later slow burning moments, but even so Ars Magna Umbrae know how to craft a satisfying and dynamic experience. Give it a listen today

Flight's Fav's: Through Thorns And Bones, Daughter Of Endless Light, Wanderer

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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