Lower Canopy

Oct. 3, 2018


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The Pitch: Portugal hardcore/post-hardcore band Don't Disturb My Circles tear it up with an energetic and diverse new EP. FFO: Every Time I Die, These Arms Are Snakes, The Chariot

What I Like: I'll keep this one short and let the music speak for itself, but you know I can never resist sharing the latest noisy, abrasive hardcore EP's. In just 11 minutes, Don't Disturb My Circles have quickly earned a new fan with their eclectic mixture of post-hardcore, noise rock, and occasionally experimental elements. This album may be a short one, but they have packed it to the gills with standout moments of all shapes and sizes. The first track will knock you on your ass.

Critiques: Really great stuff. I just need more.

The Verdict: Lower Canopy is a rock solid EP brimming with creativity. And in even better news, if you find yourself wanting more, the previous full length is available on Bandcamp as a Name Your Own Price download. Hop to it.

Flight's Fav's: Devil's Shoes, Rotten And Pleased

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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