Lore of the Lakes

Aug. 10, 2018


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The Pitch: A "deeply personal" melodic black metal album from Minneapolis' Inexorum. FFO: Uada Sacramentum, Vex

What I Like: What an intensely consistent and exhilerating album. Lore of the Lakes flows from moment to moment more effortlessly than most rivers and streams. The dynamics are exemplary, and the experience is never dull. The way in which tracks like "To Omega" transition from double bass to D-beat never ceases to be utterly thrilling. In these moments I can feel my heart racing; the urge to bang your head or at least tap your foot becoming irresistible.  And in addition to the energy of the drums and commanding blackened death vocals, the guitars are truly the leader of the pack. Amongst the textured black metal tremolos are some exciting and melodious guitar leads worthy of the likes of Dissection, Windir, and occassionally even Panopticon. This last comparison is also warranted when considering the somewhat folky atmosphere and quality implementation of acoustic guitars on the closing track. But make no mistake; this is not an artsy work of introspection. It is an intensely driving force incorporates some seriously epic ingredients.

Critiques: Nitpicking, but you could probably shave the first few minutes off of "Years in Exile" and the title track and the album would be stronger for it. There's nothing egregious about the runtimes, but I could do without some of the repetition before the real meat of these songs.

The Verdict: Inexorum have served up 5 incredible tracks that rival any Scandinavian black metal band in every possible way. If you dug the debut from Uada, this is a must-listen. Another USBM band to add to your watch list.

Flight's Fav's: Raging Hearts, Let Pain Be Your Guide, To Omega

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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