Lords of Death

July 27, 2017


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The Pitch: Shadow Kingdom Records present the sophomore album from Michigan brutal death/doomers Temple Of Void.  FFO: Be'Lakor, Krypts, Seedna

What I Like: Oh man, I love these vocals.  Super, duper LOWS with enormous strength behind them.  Think Septicflesh mixed with Be'lakor.  These brutal growls seem to originate from even below the bowels; perhaps from the feet.  Either that or this guy is just some flesh puppet cast over the upthrust hand of some giant demon.  Side note, I need to copyright giant "Giant demon flesh puppet show."  In any case, that's not all that Temple of Void has to offer.  These crunchy, mid-paced death riffs, simplistic though they may be, bring with them copious amounts of distortion.  Each track consistently bulldozes the listener, leaving nothing but a fine paste.  And I also dig the surprise heavy metalish singing towards the end of "Graven Desires"

Critiques: Aside from the vocals I mentioned, there's not much in the say of bombshells and revelations

The Verdict: A very consistent and extremely potent death doom album that easily hits a high bar for the genre, even if it doesn't take many steps to raise it.

Flight's Fav's: Graven Desires, The Hidden Fiend, The Gift

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