Let the Darkness Come

Jan. 17, 2017


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The Pitch:  Minimalistic, highly abrasive black metal from Poland FFO Taake, Mayhem, Satyricon.

What I Like: The straight-forward, rock-oriented approach captures the viciousness and rebellion of the early 2nd wave perfectly.  The growls are grating to the senses while the occasional semi-operatic cleans a la Gorgoroth's Pest provide some variation.  Great riffs and unrelenting aggression.  Runtime doesn't overstay its welcome; seems someone in this genre recognizes that less is more.

What I Don't Like: "A Dying Star" is kind of a weak opener.  I would suggest jumping right into the second track's "Ungh!" mentality.  Otherwise this is a solid, albeit familiar, outing.

The Verdict: The perfect, bite-sized package of grim brutality and unbridled disobedience.

Flight's Fav's: Infinity, The Tongue of Fire, Only Bones Stay Here