Let Pain Be Your Guide

Nov. 15, 2018


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The Pitch: Hardcore/screamo with various other influences from Austin, TX newcomers Portrayal of Guilt through Gilead Media. FFO: Zao, Death Will Tremble, Saosin

What I Like: Let Pain Be Your Guide is a very eclectic and diverse album. I can already feel some of my readers cringing at the term "screamo," but I promise that Portrayal of Guilt are much more than that. Death growls, blackened shrieks, electronics, and post-metal interludes are all fair game as one takes the journey. There are even guest spots from Matt Michel and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell and Maha Shami of NØ MAN. And s#!t, if it's metal enough for them, it's metal enough for me. Opening track "Daymare" acts as a solid summary of what to expect over the course of the album. It's a cross-section of most of the various styles and modes, traversing a broad spectrum of textures from rebellious hardcore D-beat to lonely post-metal guitars. From then on it's really a crapshoot in terms of which direction things will go. If you want some noisey grind, hop on over to "A Burden." Prefer some spooky electronics? The title track and "The Hunger" should suffice. Maybe you're in the mood for something a little doomier with death vocals. Better check out "Chamber Of Misery." There's something for everyone.

Critiques: The overall execution and songwriting leave something to be desired. The pacing feels clunky, and while I appreciate the amount of variety, it doesn't really come together in a way that flows nicely as an album.

The Verdict: Portrayal of Guilt strike me as a band still searching for their sound...but definitely doing so in all the right places. I praise them for their willingness to really explore the boundaries of their musical interests, and I think that as they narrow down their greatest strengths and tighten up the songwriting, things will really fall into place. Until then, Let Pain Be Your Guide is certainly an album you should check out this week.

Flight's Fav's: Daymare, A Burden, Your War

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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