Les Chants Du Hasard

June 23, 2017


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The Pitch: French solo act Les Chants Du Hasard builds traditional classical compositions into a black metal aesthetic without towing the line.  Now through I, Voidhanger.  FFO: Modest Mussorgsky, Sergej Prokofiev and Richard Strauss filtered through Ulver and Emperor.

What I Like: Make no mistake, this is not your typical "symphonic black metal."  Les Chants Du Hasard is first and foremost an orchestral album, and a proficient one at that.  Rather than relying on synthesizers, sole member Hazard utilizes horns, strings, wind instruments, and a broad percussion session to create subtle, layered compositions.  This is not Carach Angren or Dimmu Borgir.  While I enjoy those groups, they all feature very over-the-top, Tim Burton-esque arrangements that can be quite whimsical in nature.  This project is more focused on measured atmosphere and romantic allusions than blowing the roof off.

Critiques: Now while I want LCDH to maintain its integrity and unique approach, I would like to see a little more dynamic range.  Much of this album sticks to a pretty consistent volume and pace without enough in the way of crescendos and climaxes.  They are teased here and there, but rarely pan out to their full potential.

The Verdict: Another brave and exciting new project that challenges the status quo of what it means to be black metal.  There's room for growth, but I don't see Hazard's talents going to waste with your support.

Flight's Fav's: Chant II - Le Soleil, Chant III - L'Homme, Chant V - Le Dieu