Lean Machine

April 12, 2016


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Rotten Sound from Finland are the nation's most pummeling purveyors of grindcore to date.  Abuse to Suffer is their first album in five years, but these 16 tracks prove that taking half a decade off to hone your craft doesn't have to leave you soft in flabby.  Rather, Abuse to Suffer is a vicous, violent athlete; a Spartan-esque, zero-bodyfat warrior that feeds on nothing but protein powder, creatine, and the blood of thine enemies.  Let's take a listen to this lean machine, eh?

Total f@#king chaos.  Rotten Sound are truly rotten earfood indeed; somewhere between that of a trash compactor and a bulldozer.  Gigantic distortion reigns supreme over a series of abrasive blastbeats and depraved growls.  This happens in a series of sprints that seem to always end with the runners' legs simultaneously snapping at the knee.  They bleed as they crawl moaning to the finish line.

I think Rotten Sound first really got me with the strangely catchy implosion that is "Trashmonger," but there are plenty of other standout tracks here as well.  "Time for the Fix" is a sludgy bit of sexual groove that is a little jarring in the midst of all of the hyperspeed (ludicrous speed, even), but an entirely welcome break.  But I am more than happy to simply crank up the volume on "Slave to the Rats" of "Cannon Fodder" with their infectious D-beat and grumbling, churning basslines.

In the end, this is 28 minutes of pure, grinding deviance that you can't afford to miss.  Skip that episode of Fuller House and strap on those earphones...Rotten Sound is here and they demand your attention.  The production is thick as tar, and filled with probably as many bones.  Every tone from the guitar to the barking vocals is right on the money to create an experience that is as full as it is fleeting.  The album is out right now and streaming below.  JUST DO IT!!!