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May 18, 2016


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Montreal band Hopeless Youth have a wonderfully vile sound to add to the blackened hardcore camp.  Their new EP, Devil, Walk With Me, hits all the right marks: raunchy hooks, depraved howls, and limitless energy.  I'm not sure if the album's title is a play on Twin Peaks, but the reference is fitting given the dark, schizophrenic nature of these tracks.

"The Garden" and the title track are my personal favorites.  These two rip you a new one in terms of speed and devil-may-care attitude.  It's true punk rock spirit meets dirty, shrieked vocals.  In other words: not all that far off from the punk bands of yore.  Some of these vicious outbursts stick in my throat, and the only solution is to spit them back with the same fury.  "DEVIL...WALK WITH MEEEEE!"  Attention should also be paid to the stellar work on the kit, especially on the first minute or so of the opening track.  Even when slowing things down for a bit of sludge on "Moon Child" or "The Price to Pay" the violence never disperses.

Actually, you'll probably need at least a 5 minute cooldown after the dust has settled to really get your bearings back.  Devil Walk With Me, at just 18 minutes runtime, is the perfect warm-up or day starter.  It's just long enough to get the blood flowing and short enough to make time for whatever debauchery you happen to have in store.  If you're needing more, I suggest pairing this up with our other hardcore EP today in 34.  Match made in heaven, ffo Every Time I Die, Converge, Bastard Feast, and Great American Ghost.