Judas Priest Albums RANKED Through INVINCIBLE SHIELD!

March 8, 2024


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Welcome metalheads and Judas Priest aficionados! In this electrifying video, we dive deep into the discography of one of heavy metal's most iconic bands, Judas Priest. From the thunderous riffs of "Sad Wings of Destiny" to the epic anthems of "Firepower," we're ranking every studio album released by Judas Priest, including their latest masterpiece, "Invincible Shield." Join us as we embark on a journey through decades of metal mastery, evaluating each album based on its impact, innovation, and enduring power.

From the groundbreaking influence of "British Steel" to the dark atmospheres of "Painkiller," every era of Judas Priest's career is explored and celebrated. As we construct our tier list, we'll analyze the evolution of Judas Priest's sound, the evolution of Rob Halford's vocals, and the ever-shifting landscape of heavy metal. Which albums will ascend to the pinnacle of metal greatness, and which will find themselves relegated to the depths of obscurity? Grab your leather jackets, raise your devil horns, and join us as we celebrate the legacy of Judas Priest and rank their albums in a definitive tier list. Whether you're a die-hard Priest fan or a newcomer to the metal scene, there's something for everyone in this epic ranking of metal's titans.

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