July 31, 2018


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The Pitch: JØTNARR is a post-black trio from the UK inspired by the likes of Ulver, His Hero Is Gone and Wolves In The Throne Room. They recently followed up their 4 song debut EP with this self-titled effort via SuperFi Records.

What I Like: Screw the new Deafheaven, this is where it's at. I don't like my music to put me to sleep, and Jotnarr is far too alive to be an offender in that realm. The drumming alone on this album is enough to keep you awake during the lengthiest of midnight finals cramming sessions. They rival Bosse de Nage in pure, kinetic energy. And such a balance of elements on display. Opening song "Ever further mark" kicks you in the teeth while simultaneously providing soaring, uplifting melodies. The entire duration is brimming wtih dynamic ups and downs that traverse black metal, hardcore, rock, and everything in between. "Sleeper" serves as another example of the band's range with its highly aggressive vocals and soothing post-metal interlude.

Critiques: While I applaud this album's consistency in terms of providing above average quality from start to finish, there aren't that many moments outside of the opener that really "wow" me. I'd prefer that over having 3 really great tracks amongst a group of duds, but there is definitely room to up the overall quality.

The Verdict: While JØTNARR's latest album isn't the most exciting album I've heard this month, it is highly consistent and way stronger than most of the more mainstream post-black music out there. They came hard out of the gate, and continued time and practice should bode well for them if they stay the course.

Flight's Fav's: Ever further mark, Spit the taste & Vile, Jersey devil

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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