It Came From The Archives: Lamentia

Oct. 18, 2018


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From the East Anglian region of the UK, Obscene Entity are a death metal band through and through. Roaring onto the scene in 2012 with a self-titled EP, these men have toured with the likes of Napalm Death, Anaal Nathrakh, and Kraanium. The album in question, their first full length Lamentia’ "is a loosely-based concept album of the fragility of the human mind and states of psychosis experienced through both subjection and self-infliction." Metal.

Do you like Cannibal Corpse? Particularly the sound featured on last year's A Skeletal Domain? Well then fire up the chainsaws, because that is a nice summation of what to expect sonically. The deep growls are harsh, unforgiving, and to the point; not unlike Corpsegrinder himself. Likewise, the bass is a clunky, dirty monster lurking behind the fusion of thrashy melodeath and chugging carnage of Matt Adnett's axe. Even the distortion choice is similar.

Should the similarities bother you? Not at all, because this album is sick, bruh. Pretty much every song is a winner, and it's just heavy as f#@k. "Planetary Devastation" sets the tone strong with an ominous opener and some of the more blackened riffs and vocals on the album. The title track bulldozes the terrain and salts the earth with a relentless combination of the ever-destructive drumming and rattling tremolos. "Insanity Blinds" has some killer hooks and a totally infectious groove. Even the surprisingly chill little interlude, "Disassembly of the Ego," is a nice touch.

What more can I say? If you like all things fast, heavy, and death metal, Obscene Entity is your new favorite band. This is one of those albums some might pass over due to the unconventional (for the genre) album art, but I promise you that would be a sore mistake. The album is available via bandcamp in CD and cassette formats as well.