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Aug. 17, 2018


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After that first song, I had to ask myself, "what did I just listen to?" It's called "Noise Reduction Impulse," but reduction seems like a misnomer. Anyways, this is Hadean, an avant-garde progressive metal band from Massachusetts. You won't necessarily find that description in any of the tags, but it was the one that made the most sense to me.

In a word, On Fading is a layered experience. However, this album is less like an onion and more like an Erickson family 7-layer salad. Toppings are just heaped, but instead of mayonnaise and gummy bears, you get saxophone, screaming, and noise. but it's not all about loudness either. These elements are juxtaposed against the soothing ambiance of "New Lows". This track almost sounds like MGMT or Animal Collective.

Or consider the jazzy piano/sax intro to "Inertia." Yeah, things get weird there too, but then there's that explosion of wicked, happy guitar licks and lush synths. In other words, this is an album you cannot judge by any single isolated moment. To do so would leave you with a very skewed idea of what is held within. I mean, just when you are lulled into a sense of direction with the proggy rock leanings, "Saudade" smacks you upside the head with Enslaved shrieks and growls. But only just long enough to set up a piano solo. Wait, wha?

I really don't want to spoil all of the twists and turns of On Fading. Just know that I wouldn't recommend sampling this one until you have a full block of time you can dedicate to hearing it start to finish at least once. This is progressive mad science. A Frankenstein of texture and sound. I will at least say, what a glorious and gorgeous conclusion that title track is. Choose your own price today for this unique experience.

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