Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion

Sept. 14, 2018


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The Pitch: Minsk progressive technical death metal band Irreversible Mechanism follow up their breakout hit Infinite Fields with a new concept album via Blood Music.  FFO: Fallujah, Exocrine, Inanimate Existence

What I Like: Immersion represents a significant improvement for Irreversible Mechanism in terms of their musicianship and marketing. From the highly technical performances all the way down to the artwork and logo,  it's an impressive package. The album takes a much more progressive approach to songwriting this time around. Compositions are lush with atmosphere thanks to both the overall instrumentation and additional ambient synths. Between the proper tracks, a number of interludes add further texture to the journey. While sometimes overlong, these detours make the hard-hitting death metal portions really kick. It's another example of extreme music being composed in such a way as to create a strangely soothing and meditative experience. It's a dreamlike experience traversing blissful wish fulfillment and terror-inducing nightmares.

Critiques: If any of the above description sounds an awful like Fallujah, that's because it does. While Irreversible Mechanism have really pressed forwards in terms of songwriting and production, it feels like they have lost some of their identity in the process. Compared to the more bombastic, symphonic approach of the debut, Immersion feels less unique, and as a result, less memorable.

The Verdict: If you like Fallujah, you'll probably dig Immersion. It's a really solid album filled with impressive performances and lofty atmosphere; I just feel like they are running the risk of sounding a little too close to their peers. While I don't encourage the band to walk their sound backwards, I do hope that in this new stage of their career Irreversible Mechanism find more identity of their own.

Flight's Fav's: Existence II: Collision, Abolution, Beyond

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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