Inner Death

Jan. 15, 2019


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The Pitch: Following up their critically acclaimed LP Dark Abstraction, Alabama death metal band Ectovoid drop a new EP via Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter. FFO: Gutter Instinct, Outre-Tombe, Shed The Skin

What I Like: While just a short 3 songs, I enjoyed Dark Abstraction enough to be excited to simply hear the name Ectovoid again. These guys deliver some top notch, no frills old school death metal. There's really not much to say beyond that other than to check it out. Great riffs, ugly vocals, and reverb-heavy production make Inner Death a good time for fans of the bands above.

Critiques: Nothing new or surprising here. Just that classic graveyard death metal. 

The Verdict: Ectovoid serving up a few more killer OSDM tunes to add to your playlist. Good stuff all around.

Flight's Fav's: Internal Inversion

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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