July 13, 2018


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Metal Trenches is beyond stoked, and incredibly humbled, to announce our sponsorship of the 2018 Mathcore Index IndexFest. Presented by Metal Injection, this incredible festival could easily be THE concert of the year. That said, check out the full details below, and be sure to grab your tickets fast cuz it is THIS WEEKEND!!! DO IT!!!!! Also check out streams and reviews of the bands on the bill HERE.

Metal Injection Presents: Mathcore Index Fest 2018, July 14th matinee and all day July 15th at Saint Vitus Bar in New York City, featuring:

Car Bomb
Dead Empires
Inside The Beehive
Good Game
The Callous Daoboys
Juan Bond
Detach the Islands
Mary Todd
Horse Torso
An Albatross

...and the evening of July 15th at Trans-Pecos, featuring Artificial Brain, Pyrrhon, and Voidspawn (tickets sold separately:

Sponsored by Metal Injection, Sheepsxclothing, Metal Trenches, Svbterranean, and Visceral Media.

July 14th matinee: $25
July 14th evening (Trans-Pecos): $15
July 15th all day: $20
July 14th matinee and July 15th all day pass: $40

Event pages:

July 14th matinee:

July 15th all day:

Tickets available now on Ticketfly:

Saturday July 14th (matinee):

Sunday July 15th (all day):

2 day pass (Saturday matinee + Sunday all day):

Graphic design by Keith Carlson, Sheepsxclothing

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