In Times Of Desperation

March 28, 2018


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The Pitch: Irish black metal from Eternal Helcaraxe via German label Naturmacht Productions.

What I Like: I have high hopes for the future of Eternal Helcaraxe. This Irish band continues the country's established trend of putting out black metal that is both highly aggressive and melodically serene. The band just put out their second full length album titled In Times Of Desperation late last year and it's solid stuff. Think Altar of Plagues with a little more 2nd wave influence. There are some lush post-black and doom elements that leak into the guitars and synths to add further flair to the music, but also tracks like "The Healer And The Cross" that are pretty much pure D-beat, blastbeat, and tremolo cannon fodder. The snarling vocals are every bit as vicious as Gaahl's, and the atmosphere is undeniably dark and grim. There's even some noteworthy bass guitar work as evidenced on tracks like "Kneel Before None."

Critiques: While I appreciate the band's varied pacing and aesthetic, I still feel that certain tracks and the album itself drags on for a bit too long. Once more, those who like melancholic atmosphere droning in the background as they go about their day will probably appreciate these choices, but for someone focusing in on the music it can be a little tedious at time.

The Verdict: In Times Of Desperation is a moody journey filled with sounds of grief and despair. While it's a bit long-winded for my taste, Eternal Helcaraxe are defiitely onto something and should please those looking for melodic, entrancing black metal music  Listen below and also purshase HERE.

Flight's Fav's: The End Of All Things, The Healre And The Cross, From Seeds To Forest

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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