Ihsahn Albums RANKED

Feb. 16, 2024


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Join us on a journey through the sonic evolution of one of metal's most innovative minds, Ihsahn. In this video, we delve into the discography of the legendary Norwegian musician, known for his groundbreaking work in Emperor and his prolific solo career now through 2024 self-titled album 'Ihashn.' From his atmospheric black metal roots to his progressive metal explorations, Ihsahn has continually pushed the boundaries of extreme music. With each album release, he offers a unique blend of aggression, melody, and experimentation that captivates listeners worldwide. In this tier list ranking, we meticulously dissect and evaluate each of Ihsahn's solo albums, considering factors such as songwriting, production quality, musical complexity, and emotional depth. From the raw intensity of "The Adversary" to the intricate compositions of "Arktis," every album presents a distinct chapter in Ihsahn's musical narrative.