Idols of Existence

July 17, 2019


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The Pitch: Idaho deathcore band Luck Wont Save (feat. the drummer of Rivers Of Nihil) drop a second riff-heavy EP. FFO: AbortedWithin The Ruins, Chelsea Grin

What I Like: Luck Won't Save You have really embraced some obvious metalcore roots on this one. The vocals are still vicious and brutal enough to warrant continued use of the death metal and deathcore tags, but these riffs are pure early 00's scene with maybe just a touch of that Beneath The Massacre special sauce. Hooks upon hooks with a tone similar to that of other hybrids like Within The Ruins. It's high octane, nonstop action that covers a lot of ground in just over 20 minutes. I'm also digging the additional layers of atmosphere provided by the synth and piano, and let it be known that this EP also has a list of guest spots almost a page long including members of Dethrone The Sovereign, ArkaikDawn of Ouroboros, and more.

Critiques: No major issues. Of the 5 tracks, "Horoscope" stands out as being a little less interesting; but it's the difference between great and just good.

The Verdict: Idols Of Existence is an excellent EP crafted by a long list of very talented musicians. Fans of deathcore and metalcore alike should find plenty to love with this one.

Flight's Fav's: Proliferate-Annihilate, Doom Chimes Are Ringing

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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