I Walk the Line

Nov. 2, 2015


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Dutch thrash/death metal band Variscythe released their debut album Deluding Paradigm just two weeks ago. If you like you some riffy, metalcorish guitars to back up your melodeath vocals, look no further. I'm just as much a sucker for killer hooks as I am for a chick with an undercut and tattoos. Yes, I just compared this band to a Suicide Girl.

The first two tracks alone sold me. It's like Mors Principium Est and As I Lay Dying had an angry little baby. The sounds lean heavily on the early 00's sound, treading the line nicely between the worlds of Gothenburg and metalcore. There's even some silighly proggier moments on the closing title track and "Unveiled." Things will occasionally slow to a crawl, but just long enough to set a up a thrilling conclusion ("Water Draws the Root").

But if you happen to be one of those who shivers at the mention of all thinge "core," recognize that aside from the riffing structures, none of the other tropes are at playhere. Vocals are all growls with not even a hint of clean singing. And as listed in the band's tags, there is quite a bit of thrash influence o keep things more on the extreme side of things.

More importantly, Variscythe are just great at making killer metal songs. There are tons of righteous solos, and the drums on "Sanguisuga" manage to rival some already hefty hooks. Expert pace changes, breaks, and fetching fill work keep things interesting. There are nods stylistically to everything from Unearth and All That Remains to Lamb of God and Arch Enemy. And that other key element for a great album, consistency, is a big part of what keeps me coming back to Deluding Paradigm. You can give it a test run below and pick up a copy for 10 Euro.