I Let The Devil In

Dec. 7, 2018


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The Pitch: Rock solid metalcore EP from Connecticut's Currents via SharpTone Records. FFO: Make Them Suffer, Architects, Underoath

What I Like: I generally only cover short releases that feel like a sure thing, and I Let The Devil In definitely falls into that category. Consistently delivering infecious guitar riffs, harsh vocals, and some well-placed melodic moments, this EP should quench the thirst of metalcore fans everywhere. Currents do an excellent job of keeping things heavy while also remaining mindful of what is catchy and fun. "Into Despair" showcases a band ready to tear venues apart while other tracks like "My Disguise" and "Forever Marked" perfectly inject an Underoathy dose of pop sentiment into compositions that still keep you banging your head.

Critiques: "To Feel Empty" feels a little...empty. At least in comparison to the other tracks. It doesn't mar the release overall, but moving forward I'd like to see less of this. It's just kind of dull and lacks the balance of the other melodic moments.

The Verdict: Currents are an excellent band, and I Let The Devil In is the perfect addition to any metalcore collection. I feel like this has been a light year for the genre, save for a few releases, so it's always nice to get a few more quality tracks.

Flight's Fav's: Into Despair, My Disguise, Forever Marked

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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