I Know Kung Fu (Exclusive Stream)

Jan. 17, 2017


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The Pitch: Lyon, France's Dead Kiwis split heads with Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kicks set to a Botch worship soundtrack.  Amusingly I came up with that comparison before I even realized there is a track named after him.

What I Like:  If math was as fun as mathcore, everyone would be a freakin' prodigy.  I am such a sap for off-kilter slashing of dissonant chords and abusive barking offset by catchy hooks a la The Chariot and the like.  This is that precise sweetspot I harp on between being technical and catchy.  Songs are short and sweet, which really gives them that extra rocket fuel to maximize the smouldering craters they leave behind.   And can we just appreciate that bass tone for a moment?  Holy sh#!.

What I Don't Like: The delivery here is strong enough that I have pause about offering any recommendations.  I will say that, without spoiling the fun little break in "Chuck Norris," those elements may be the ones that help them further stand out in the future.

The Verdict: At 16 minutes this thing should race by; and yet it is so enjoyable that it seems to exist in some dimension that time forgot.  Fantastic mathcore for fans of classics like Calculating Infinity and Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child.  Buy it on 1/23, but hear it all early below.

Flight's Fav's: Cosmic Dementia, Karaté Karnage, SATAN666, Flamingos, the whole damn thing.