Dec. 5, 2017


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The Pitch: Denmark pessimistic black, death, and doom band Tongues unleash their latest via I, Voidhanger. "“The underlying concept of the album was inspired by a dream...It symbolised a profound spiritual disappointment... a nightmare.” FFO: Emptiness, CreepingMaïeutiste

What I Like: There are a number of elements at play here that remind me of one of my favorite more recent black/blackened death metal groups, Emptiness. While Hreilia doesn't delve into the same levels of experimentation as Not For Music, there is something about the nihilistic, reserved vocal performance and casual-sounding nature of the compositions that recalls Nothing But The WholeTongues don't beat the listener over the head with their heaviness; it is something subtle and more or less innately understood.  The occasional bouts of blastbeats and distortion are all the more impactful due to the otherwise resounding sense of relatively quiet tension. It's the black metal equivalent of Christoph Waltz's masterful monologue that opens Inglorious Basterds.  Any album that can so adeptly hack my current emotional state is worthy of special note.

Critiques: Of the 3 albums from this label I'm presenting for your consideration this week, Hrelia is easily the most traditional. Comparatively, I feel as though Tongues could have delivered a few more surprises and memorable moments even if it is already pretty solid. There's certainly more room for experimentation.

The Verdict: Hreilia is a haunting album that delivers on its promise of nightmarish disillusionment and despondancy. While there is room for development from a compositional standpoint, I appreciate the album's subtleties and the underlying feelings it is able to provoke.

Flight's Fav's: Theophagous Wounds Of Earth, ..And The Ever Watchful Clouds, Grove Of Mithridate

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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