Hostile Architecture

March 6, 2019


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The Pitch: More killer tunes from Virginia metallic hardcore/mathcore crew Black Matter DeviceFFO: The Dillinger Escape Plan, FrontiererVein

What I Like: I was beyond thankful for the always informative Mathcast drawing my attention to the pummeling fury of Modern Frenetics, and once again I need to thank the boys for news of this follow-up. The roaring new wave of metallic hardcore seems to be far from finished. Over the course of just a few minutes time, Black Matter Device deliver all of the goods from in your face metallic riffs a la Vein to more technically-inclined mathcore. "Hell Is Other People" sounds like a straight-up B side from Calculating Infinity while the electronic guitar effects of "Hurricane Pornography" would be right at home on a Frontierer album. I'm also digging that the band like to change things up vocally, oscillating between ferocious growls and The Number Twelve-influenced weirdness.

Critiques: There's nary a weak track or dull moment on this EP. Can't think of a thing I would change.

The Verdict: Black Matter Device continue to prove themselves to be one of the most exciting groups on Bandcamp today. If you're a fan of intense, unrelenting, technical hardcore music, you owe it to yourself to throw down the measly $5 for download. The band also promises that the CD version "does not contain spaghetti." Thank God for that.

Flight's Fav's: Hurricane Pornography, Hell Is Other People, Energy Efficient Gay Emissions

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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