Horse the other band

Jan. 4, 2017


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The Pitch: Two gritty bands from Cork, Ireland face off on this 4-song split between Horse and Bisect

What I Like: More grungy, 90's ethos for us all on this one.  Both bands have remnants of punk music in their veins, but the delivery is more in line with Nirvana's Bleach meets heavier bands like Helmet and elements of Scandinavian hardcore.  It's raw and filled with natural flaws in a good DIY kind of way.  I love the rumble of the bass and pure nihilism of the vocals.  That opening hook on "Dragging" is also totally infectious.  These tunes are assuredly even more intense live. 

What I Don't Like: I gotta have more.  I also think the bands could step up some of the elements that make them stand out.

The Verdict: Enjoyable little split from two bands who have no problem laying it all on the line.  A downer delight.

Flight's Fav's: Pissed Off People, Dragging