High On Fire Albums RANKED Through Cometh The Storm

April 19, 2024


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Join us as we embark on an epic journey through the roaring soundscapes of High on Fire's discography through new 2024 album Cometh The Storm. From the blistering riffs to the thunderous rhythms, this stoner metal titan has consistently delivered bone-crushing albums that resonate with raw power and intensity. Prepare yourself for an auditory onslaught as we tier list each album into tiers, from the monumental classics to the hidden gems. From the primal fury of "The Art of Self Defense" to the sprawling epicness of "De Vermis Mysteriis," each release has left an indelible mark on the landscape of metal music. Will the monumental riffage of "Blessed Black Wings" soar to the top? Or will the ferocious onslaught of "Luminiferous" claim the throne? Join us as we delve deep into the molten core of High on Fire's discography and determine the ultimate ranking of their albums.

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