Heroin Youth

March 6, 2017


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The Pitch: Chaotic hardcore/post hardcore music... out of Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel.  Zaga Zaga on HowToBeCool Records.

What I Like:  True to track 2, these guys get stuff done.  There's a certain sense of anarchy to the music, but perhaps less aggressively so than some of the heavier mathcore groups out there.  The tone of the album is more often on par with Fugazi albums like In on the Kill Taker than Botch, albeit at a few more rpm's.  The 90's references intensify on tracks like "Eraserheads," which has a bass riff straight off of a Helmet album.  In any case, the riffs and drums are all over the place, often sounding purposefully off-key and regularly harsh on the ears.  It's a dissonant listen amplified even further by the unpolished and lively vocal performance.

What I Don't Like: The rough and tumble approach to the writing can be a little grating at times.  We need a little more balance between reckless abandon and clever, attention-drawing hooks.

The Verdict: It's rare that I get a review request out of Israel and even rarer for it to come from a hardcore subgenre.  In fact, I think this is a first.  Fortunately, the music was interesting and well-performed enough to grab my attention.  I think that Zaga Zaga could tighten up the songwriting and infuse a few more hooks into the madness, but please not at the cost of your genuine rawness.

Flight's Fav's: Get Stuff Done, Eraserheads, Heroin Youth