Heirs Of Discord

Nov. 20, 2018


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The Pitch: Made up of former members of Swarm Of The Lotus from across the US, Graven fuses death, grind, and doom to lay waste with their first EP in years. FFO: John Frum, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Full Of Hell

What I Like: You'll find this band frequently tagged as simply "extreme metal," because Graven's sound isn't one that fits neatly into any single genre. Certain parts feel like grindcore while others are decidedly too slow and doomy. There are elements of metallic hardcore, but then the death growls and techy riffs shift the balance fully towards pure death metal. Fortunately, tossing out the rulebook really works out when it comes to Heirs Of Discord. What we're left with is an extremely brutal cross-section of ALL the heavy things. The vocals are terrifyingly vicious from the deep, gutteral snarls to the more Dillinger-esque barking. The guitars and drums are excellently mathy, forming a bridge between the likes of Ion Dissonance and Artificial Brain. Even the cover art seems to evoke senibilities of both OSDM and Jacob Bannon, and the opening of the final track is giving off some Code Orange and Vein vibes.

Critiques: While I love how the nearly 10 minute "Thieves Of Rotted Ilk" adds changes in pacing and broader dynamics to the album as a whole, I don't find it to be the most interesting of compositions. These sludgier moments don't feel as strong in comparison.

The Verdict: If you, like me, are a lover of all forms of abrasive and technical music, Heirs Of Discord is the album for you. Graven are adept musicians as much as complete and utter monsters. Great stuff, and I hope to hear more in the future.

Flight's Fav's: A Failed Mask, Backwards To Oblivion, Human

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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