Heavy Metal Spirit

March 14, 2016


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Destroyer 666 was formed in 1994.  Currently based out of London, they play a brand of blackened thrash metal that borrows heavily from the old days of heavy metal, somewhat similar in vein to groups like Venom.  If you take a peak at their Facebook page, you will find this lovely description: "Deströyer is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the dispersal of ideas of lycanthropy, nihilism and minimalism."  Well, at least now you know what you're getting for your money.

True to the bands that clearly inspired their sound (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.), Destroyer 666 bring both the fun and the riffs to the table.  I can almost smell the leather.  My personal favorite songs are the same ones that were rightfully waved in our faces as early singles: "Live and Burn" and "Hymn to Dionysus."  The former is mostly a full charge attack of thrashy riffage, while the latter mixes some killer slower moments with an absolutely infectious driving hook and D-beat.  I can't help but be wrapped up in the sheer energy.

But if we really want to talk about the metal spirit of the album, and the aforementioned "fun" aspect, "Hounds at ya Back" is what most people will be talking about.  This is going to be the live show anthem for sure.  Horns in the air, lights glaring, steam rising from sweaty bodies: that is all this song is about.  It's a touch corny maybe, but with such a flair for nostalgia and tight performance that one would be hard pressed to not sing along with that chorus.

I can't truly attest to this, but I feel like there could be some of the younger audience out there that scoffs that the vocals aren't brutal enough, there aren't any breakdowns, and the double bass just doesn't crank out enough knee-shattering blasts.  To this (hopefully imaginary) audience, I say bullshit.  Without the forerunners who brought forth this style, there would be no Whitechapels or Suicide Silences.  There would be no Burzums of Darkthrones.  It behooves us to continue to have bands that still carry the banner of where metal comes from, and to do so in such a proficient and enjoyable way as Destroyer 666.  Much props.

The album came out on 2/26, so you can stream it in full below and pick it up from the always delightful Season of Mist for a reasonable price.