Feb. 6, 2019


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The Pitch: Another excellent showcase of solo guitar stylings from instrumental progressive metal musician Jason Rodriguez. FFO: Mendel, Sarah Longfield, Animals As Leaders

What I Like: At the risk of sounding like the Dos Equis spokesman, I don't listen to a lot of instrumental music, but when I do it's highly textured, headbang-worthy prog. Of the similar acts listed above, Jason Rodriguez definitely falls most closely in line with the solo work from Aborted's Mendel bij de Leij. Fusing hard-hitting, djenty riffs with electronic elements, Heartstrings doesn't need vocals to get your blood circulating. Each track features highly technical guitar hooks and use of effects pedals that evoke an engaging array of textures and emotions. It feels like a I'm watching a science fiction movie, just without the dialogue or images. Attacking robot spiders, high speed spaceship chases, and high stakes laser battles litter this exciting series of expertly composed tracks. Very exciting stuff.

Critiques: Given that I've heard a few albums in a similar vein, I'm not sure of the staying power this album will have. Only time will tell.

The Verdict: Heartstrings is a truly thrilling listen from a very capable composer and performer. Jason Rodriguez knows his way around an axe, and also around the recording studio. Especially if you are a guitar player or appreciate proggy, technical music, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Flight's Fav's: Tarantulas, Ad Hockery, Demand Signal

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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