Hatred Stems From The Seed

Sept. 25, 2017


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The Pitch: Great American Ghost follows up their righteous 2015 album Everyone Leaves, with one of my most anticipated hardcore albums of the year.  Can they live up to my expectations?  FFO: Every Time I Die, The Armed, Kennedy

What I Like: This is a band that initially drew me in based on the pure, unfiltered bile they spit into the recording space.  Great American Ghost's lyrics are like Every Time I Die minus the tongue-in-cheek humor.  They have the same razor-sharp edge and penetrative impact, but completely devoid of empathy.  Every word and every crunching guitar chord feels like a personal attack right in your stupid, utterly confused face.  As such, the title of this new album pretty much sums up what GAG is all about: a wanton reflection of depravity and disgust with no regard for your weak constitution.  It will punish you.

Critiques: On the flip side, this album left me feeling confused.  Hatred Stems from the Seed is a very different album from Everyone Leaves in terms of pacing.  While the former was a highly energetic, D-beat-driven rager with the obvious footprint of Kurt Ballou, the latter is a markedly slower affair.  It's not sludge, but it ceases to feel punk-influenced either.  I wouldn't go so far as to outright call it "beatdown," but nevertheless this was the first word that came to mind and often the songs feel like an extended breakdown.

The Verdict: While Hatred Stems from the Seed still represents a band that knows its core message, musically this album leaves me feeling a little unfulfilled.  Something was so electrifying about Everyone Leaves, and the absence of this X factor is immediately noticeable.  Even so, I will continue to push this band for your personal consideration.  Check this one out, and whether you enjoy it or not, I HIGHLY recommend you support the band by picking up the previous LP.  Hear it in full Friday.

Flight's Fav's: No Savior, Ann Arbor (Be Safe), Lifeless

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