Harm Remissions

Dec. 10, 2019


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The Pitch: The much lauded new album from Pennsylvania purveyors of "Geometric Noise Mathematical Chaos" Fawn Limbs out via Dark Trail Records. FFO: Noise Trail Immersion, Hellkeeper, Frontierer

What I Like: Fawn Limbs is mathcore with a darkness that rivals most back metal albums. While I tend to associate the genre with a certain level of fun and sassiness evident from bands like TDEP and ETID, Harm Remissions is largely devoid of anything close to good vibes. It's like any potential joy has been wrung from it like filthy water from a wet towel. One need ony glance at track names like "Ore Lung" and "Wisdom Teething" to get a sense of the aesthetic. In other words, you don't listen to this album... it forces itself upon you.  And the union of bleak, almost Ulcerate-y mood with Frontierer-sque, disorienting time signatures only furthers the sense of personal violation. Squeeling, chugging, and furiously tapping guitars upend the terrain over and over again, leaving me desperate to find steady footing.

Critiques: No specific concerns here. I would like to hear a few little twists to add even more of their trademark on the sound.

The Verdict: Fantastically dark and equally technical, there is a good reason that the underground is raving about Harm Remissions. Keep watching Fawn Limbs, because they are going places.

Flight's Fav's: Harm Remissions, Wisdom Teething, Hubris Terrain Expansion

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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