March 17, 2017


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The Pitch: Tilburg black metal band Dodecahedron rises like the destroyer of worlds with an enormous new album via Season of Mist. FFO Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Leviathan, Nightbringer

What I Like: Kwintessens is truly a devouring beast.  Rarely is chaos so densely concentrated.  I find that many experimental and avant-garde bands like to wander through soundscapes, but Dodecahedron prefers to focus these energies in a much more forceful and directed matter.  Similar to French groups like Imperial Triumphant (yeah I know they live in NY) and more recent Deathspell Omega, compositions have a pulverizing element.  The highly technical and ever-changing drums and guitars grind you into a fine pulp: but mentally and spiritually rather than physically.  This entire album is an unpredictable descent into the underworld; one that makes you question every decision you've made as well as what terrors lay before you.  Even the "interlude" is existentially terrifying with it's tribal, ritualistic drumming, atmospheric sounds, and steady grooving guitars.  And just when you think you have it all figured out, they pitch a curveball with the much more melodic approach of "DODECAHEDRON - An ill-Defined Air Of Otherness."

What I Don't Like: Personally, there's not much of a critique I have to offer the band.  To you potential listeners out there, I encourage those who have not yet acclimated to this style to give it a full listen.  Avoid the impulse to protect your fragile ears and mind.  I was once like you.  Desensitization in doses is key.

The Verdict: A demanding and mentally taxing release filled with both powerful overarching concepts and technically rewarding individual elements.  A must-listen in 2017, and another like to end up on year-end lists alongside Svart Crown.

Flight's Fav's: OCTAHEDRON - Harbinger, Interlude, DODECAHEDRON - An ill-Defined Air Of Otherness