Grounded In 2nd Wave

Dec. 20, 2016


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The Pitch: Argento Records reissues the debut album from Greek extreme and sometimes experimental metal band Natvre's.

What I Like: I was sold early on by how heavy and blackened the decrepit sound is on this album.  The distorted vocals are reminiscent of both Burzum and the use of filters on certain Dimmu Borgir songs.  The riffs, though repetitious at times, are pretty huge and conjure further early 2nd wave like Mayhem.  The main hook on "Endless" actually reminds me a lot of "Jesus' Tod' from Filosofem, and the bass sound on "Natvre's War" threatened to rattle my care to pieces.

What I Don't Like: Compositions are fairly typical and can run a little long.  I like the sudden break with the instrumental/ambient "Hinterland," but this one drags a bit as well.  Also, can we start better coordinating use of public domain art?  This is at least the third time this year I have listened to new metal albums that shared cover images.

The Verdict: Natvre's seems content to remain firmly grounded in the black metal days of yore, and they manage to pull this off well.  Wrath, true to its name, is a violent and extreme assault on the senses.

Flight's Fav's:  "Lazarines," "Narcissus," "Natvres War"