Grim Melodicism

March 27, 2017


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The Pitch: UK atmospheric, post-black crew Underblack gets their 2016 EP reissued through Third I Rex.

What I Like: This is just a generally beautiful album.  Much like Vattnet Viskar and Numenorean among others, Underblack know how to take some really scathing black metal vocals along with heavy instrumentation and turn them into a highly emotive catharsis.  They navigate so well between the spiraling hellfire that is the intro to "With Bruised and Bloodied Feet" and the tranquil meditation of "Span of Black Nihility."  I am so impressed with how many feelings are conveyed across these three songs.

What I Don't Like: Like a lot of bands in this genre, compositions can be a little repetitious at times, but not overly so here.  These guys have an above average handle on keeping things interesting.

The Verdict: Talk about hitting the ground running.  This is a stunning debut EP that shows so much promise for this band's future.  Underblack, deliver us from boring blackgaze bands.  Show us that you can be atmospheric without being repetetive.

Flight's Fav's: I can't pick just one.  I think all three are equally good.