Grief Ritual

Sept. 13, 2018


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The Pitch: Indiana's Bruise send us more pummeling, beatdown hardcore to break your teeth and dent your skull via Unbeaten Records. FFO: Left Behind, Wolf King, Jesus Piece

What I Like: By the time the year is up, I'm going to be out of adjectives to describe this kind of music. Even so, I couldn't resist the opportunity to share an example that is a little more underground. On Grief Ritual, Bruise follow the tried and true beatdown code: keep it simple and savage. Caveman riffs, cudgeled drums, and blood-curdling screams barrel forwards with little to no resistance. Listening to this album is like playing chicken on foot with a bulldozer. With deathened vocals that rival even the likes of Left Behind and The Apex, you best put on some kneepads and a helmet.

Critiques: As it stands, Bruise are like really good fast food: you'll be satiated, but also thinking about the fresh, half-pound burgers at the restraurant up the street.

The Verdict: Grief Ritual is a consistently enjoyable and aggressive outing that I see myself coming back to. Bruise are good enough that they could coast on their aggressiveness alone, but if they want to really compete it's gonna take a little more unique personality.

Flight's Fav's: Resonate, The Burn of Sin, Sands of Time

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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