Great New Melodeath

Dec. 28, 2016


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The Pitch: Oakville, Ontario unsigned melodeath band channel Be'lakor and others on latest outing.

What I Like: Great mixture of atmosphere and heaviness.  The reverb-laden keys and doomy chords elevate the mood to great heights similar to groups like Dark Tranquillity and Silence Lies Fear;  while the alternating deep growls and high shrieks along with the faster Gothenburgy hooks keep the album moving along nicely.  Adding to this dynamic approach is the perfect runtime.  At just 6 songs, I feel like I get just enough music and the ability to appreciate each one individually.

What I Don't Like: I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't like whisper vocals.  There aren't many, but it is rare that this approach doesn't come off as corny.  Also, this is well-trodden ground.  They need to find more ways to stand out.

The Verdict: Order Of The Saviour is an impressive melodeath outing from a promising, young band.  While they could stand to step out of the herd a bit more, they show a great balance of cascading emotion and melodic intensity on par with some of the best in the genre. 

Flight's Fav's: Sword Through Lungs, In These Veins Like Frozen Lakes, Judgement of the Innocent