Feb. 20, 2020


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The Pitch: One-man Virginia extreme experimental/progressive black and death metal project The Conjuration delivers the Gospel on his latest album. FFO: Alkaloid, Sigh, Igorrr

What I Like: What an amazing time we live in where a single person can perform, record, produce, and distribute an album entirely on their own. Obviously The Conjuration is just the latest of many projects in this vein, but every now and then I'm reminded of just how blessed the scene is these days. DIY praise aside, Gospel is just an impressive album in general. From chugging death metal to early Meshuggah-y jazz interludes, this record has it all. In many ways, the sheer strangeness of the vocals and experimental approach to the songwriting conjure comparisons to the likes of Alkaloid or even early Sigh. I'm particularly drawn in by tracks like "Visitors," with its expansive synth work ranging from basic piano tones to simulated strings, hammond organ, and what I'm pretty sure is glockenspiel. The manner in which these different sounds layer with the proggy guitar riffs and blackened, Carach Angren-esque vocals is wholly unique and absolutely worthy of your attention.

Critiques: I've heard other projects create a better balance between their more experimental elements and sense of accessibility. It's a really hard thing to achieve, but this is what strikes me as The Conjuration's primary task moving forwards: how do you maintain dedicated to the avant-garde while still playing into pop tropes that keep the listener consistently engaged?

The Verdict: Corey is clearly a seriously talented dude. From the brain-twisting songwriting to the eclectic performances and instrumentation, dude is clearly some sort of savant. Definitely give Gospel a spin, especially if you are into experimental and prog music with a harsh twist. Stay in touch and keep up the good work.

Flight's Fav's: Visitors, Dissociation Trance, Something To Fear

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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