Global Slaughter

Dec. 11, 2017


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The Pitch: "Global Slaughter is the evolutionary aftermath of all things A Night In Texas. This album delves into the darker aspects of the human condition, the climate of our current political dilemmas and the irreversible damage we are doing to not only ourselves as a society, but to the dear planet in which we inhabit." FFO: Thy Art Is Murder, Rings Of Saturn, and Aversions Crown

What I Like: The first thing that sold me on A Night In Texas were the intense vocals.  These guys deliver eardrum-shattering highs offset by layered lows.  Adding onto this are guitars and drums that rarely failed to spur me into motion.  These groovy hooks have a lot more energy than recent outings from the genre's forerunners.  Furthermore, there's also a consistent level of atmosphere coursing through the album's veins; a certain oppressive darkness common on other popular tracks like Aborted's "Divine Impediment."  The production aids this effect. It's clean, but with a certain level of ambience that adds a sense of depth.  When combined with the varied pacing, the album maintains an engaging flow along with its consistency.

Critiques: There's still something that rings somewhat generic with this album.  The energy and youthful passion are present, but it doesn't add up to anything particularly memorable.  The songs are also quite similar.  Hey, it's a blast while it lasts though.

The Verdict: Global Slaughter shows a lot of promise for A Night In Texas' potential.  They have plenty of strengths on which to build, but ultimately they need to step up their songwriting game or otherwise linger into obscurity.  Check this one out today.

Flight's Fav's: Population Extermination, War Born, Death March

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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