Give Into The Depression

Dec. 19, 2016


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The Pitch: One man atmospheric black metal project from Sweden releases debut EP.

What I Like: If you like depressive black metal, this will certainly put you in a dark mood.  The guitars achieve a sorrowful wall of sound, and the underproduction of the drums makes for a nice effect.  The vocals are fittingly mournful even in their 2nd wave harshness.  The softer additions also provide some much needed dynamics.

What I Don't Like: I've just heard a lot of these albums, so it sways my opinion.  I think for this specific subgenre I could have rated higher, but overall I personally am just on the hunt for things that are more innovative.

The Verdict: Eskapisten accomplishes what it sets out to do: bury the listener in a deep well of depression.  This is a solid entry for the subgenre, but my own personal tastes leave me yearning for more substance.

Flight's Fav's: Ensamheten, Flykten