Freed From the Leash

March 2, 2017


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The Pitch: Swiss deathcore/death metal legion Carnal Decay slams their way to a new release through Rising Nemesis Records.  FFO Aborted, Within Destruction, Vulvodynia

What I Like: You may have caught our review of this band's demo last year, which featured two songs on this album.  I was excited to hear more from this project then and I was not dissapointed one bit by You Owe You Pay.  This is what real deathcore is all about.  I'm not going to jump on the no clean vocals, no "tee hees" bandwagon...I don't think that's what's killing the genre.  What's killing the genre is lazy songwriting, lax musicianship, and a complete castration of impact.  Fortunately, newer bands like Within Destruction and Carnal Decay are here to pick up the slack.  There's nothing all that profound about this release, but if you want intense slams and unrelenting blastbeats and riffs, you are going to love this album.  When I listen to deathcore I should be left bloodied and beaten.  In this, Carnal Decay don't let me down.

What I Don't Like: Again, these albums aren't going to win many accolades for poetic lyricism or creativity...but as long as they are providing adequate intensity and above-average musicianship, I am more than happy to overlook everything else.

The Verdict: Fast, fairly technical performances and BRUTAL delivery make this album an utter delight.  The perfect outlet when you feel like murdering everything in sight, but would rather mosh it out in the pit.

Flight's Fav's: No Sequel, I Crush Your Dreams, Murder a la Carte