Form and Void

Nov. 30, 2017


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The Pitch: Part three of our Mathcore Index inspired reviews. Today we have the more straightforward metallic hardcore of Los Angeles' Puncture. FFO: Trap Them, Zao, Cowards

What I Like: Puncture, as the name suggests, is a bit more to the point than some of the other bands discussed in this series thus far. But never confuse simplicity with reduced quality. Form and Void is a highly focused and impactful album brimming with biting hardcore anthems. Be it via grinding blasts, rollicking d-beats, or midpaced beatdowns filled with chunky basslines; attitude is the name of the game. Some of the transitions in pacing are sure to leave you with permanent breakdown grimace. You know what I mean... I phoned a friend and he calls it "stankface." The vote is yours. Anyways, all of the wailing guitars aside, the vocals on this album are totally vengefull and destructive. The barking at the end of "Cynic" would leave the average person curled up, crying in the corner.

Critiques: Don't really expect anything new or particularly surprising. Puncture know their strengths, and that's were they keep the focus.

The Verdict: Form and Void will certainly fill your void if you're lacking in seriously hard-hitting hardcore. It's another name your price release, so get it NOW.

Flight's Fav's: Binary Soul, Skinwalker, Cynic

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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